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Ingrid Thulin (Swedish IPA: ['ɪŋ:rɪd tɵ'li:n]) (27 January 19267 January 2004) was a Swedish actress.
She was born as a fisherman's daughter in Sollefteå, Ångermanland in northern Sweden. She took ballet lessons as a girl and was accepted by the Stockholm Royal Dramatic Theatre's School in 1948. For years she worked with Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, where she developed her personal style, acting with neurotic intensity in Winter Light (1962), The Silence (1963) and Cries and Whispers (1972), making her the third actress of world fame coming from Sweden (after Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman).
She shared the best actress award at the 1958 Cannes Film Festival and received a Guldbagge Award as best actress in 1964, the first year the award was given out, for her performance in The Silence.
She was married to Harry Schein, the founder of the Swedish Film Institute, for more than 30 years until 1989, although they had lived separately for many years before the divorce.
In her later years she lived in Rome, Italy. She returned to Sweden for medical treatment and later died from cancer in Stockholm, Sweden, 20 days short of her 78th birthday.

Ingrid Thulin Selected filmography

Smultronstället / Wild Strawberries (1957) with Victor Sjöström Director: Ingmar Bergman
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962) with Glenn Ford Director: Vincente Minnelli
Nattvardsgästerna / Winter Light (1962) with Gunnar Björnstrand, Max von Sydow and Gunnel Lindblom
Tystnaden / The Silence (1963) with Gunnel Lindblom Director: Ingmar Bergman
La Guerre est finie / The War is Over (1966) with Yves Montand Director: Alain Resnais
Vargtimmen / Hour of the Wolf (1968) with Max von Sydow Director: Ingmar Bergman
The Damned (1969) with Helmut Berger Director: Luchino Visconti
Viskningar och Rop / Cries and Whispers (1972) with Liv Ullmann, Harriet Andersson Director: Ingmar Bergman
La Cage (1975) with Lino Ventura Director: Pierre Granier-Deferre
Salon Kitty (1975) with Helmut Berger Director: Tinto Brass
Efter repetitionen / After the Rehearsal (1984) with Erland Josephson Director: Ingmar Bergman
Il Giorno Prima / Contrôle (1987)Ingrid Thulin with Ben Gazzara, Mike Zella, Kate Nelligan, Sarah Howell, Kate Reid, Camille Dupont, Burt Lancaster Director: Giuliano Montaldo

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