Wednesday, November 28, 2007

British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body
The British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body (BIIPB) (Irish: Comhlact Idir-Pharlaiminteach Na Bretaine agus Na hÉireann) was established in 1990 to bring together 25 members of the United Kingdom Parliament and 25 members of the Oireachtas (the Irish parliament) to develop understanding between elected representatives of the UK and Ireland .
Strand 3 of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement then established the British-Irish Council which involves the constituent countries of the UK in governmental level dialogue with the Irish government. Strand 3 stated that, as well as government links, "the elected institutions of the members will be encouraged to develop inter-parliamentary links, perhaps building on the British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body". The BIIPB now includes 5 representatives from the Scottish Parliament, 5 from the National Assembly for Wales, 5 from the Northern Ireland Assembly, 1 from the States of Jersey, 1 from the States of Guernsey and 1 from the High Court of Tynwald (Isle of Man).
The British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body holds two plenary sessions a year. Its four committees (dealing with Sovereign matters between the Irish and Westminster Parliaments, European Affairs, Economic Matters, Environment and Social Matters) meet several times a year. They produce reports which are submitted for comment to governments, and which are discussed in plenary. A Steering Committee organises the work of the plenary and deals with the Body's institutional matters.

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