Monday, November 19, 2007

Hoover Free Flights Promotion

In 1992 Jack started legal action against Hoover. Jack v. Hoover set a precedent at Sheriff Court in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Jack was the first person in the United Kingdom to take Hoover to court over Hoover free flights promotion.
In 1993 Jack and Harry Cichy formed the Hoover Holiday Pressure Group. Group shown and recommended by the BBC Watchdog program.
In 1994 Jack, Cichy, and Lee Robertson meet with James Powell, Maytag head of communications, at Maytag HQ in Newton, Iowa. ABC TV have the three British citizens leaving Maytag HQ.
Jack and Cichy enlist the help of Ralph Nader in the Hoover debacle. Len Hadley Maytag CEO refuses to talk to Nader over Hoover flight fiasco.
In 1994, Jack received a standing ovation from Maytag shareholders when speaking on the Hoover flight promotion at the Maytag Corporation Annual General Meeting chaired by Len Hadley. Sandy Jack Photos

The Hoover Company
Len Hadley
Maytag Corporation
Hoover free flights promotion

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