Monday, November 5, 2007

Ed Graham (full name Edwin James Graham) is the drummer in the English rock band The Darkness.
Ed was born on 20 February 1977, in Great Yarmouth, England, being one of four children. As a youth, he attended Kirkley High School with Dan Hawkins and Justin Hawkins, later The Darkness bandmates.
Before joining The Darkness, Ed had been in bands such as Superfuzz Bigmuff and Q*Sling, but left the latter when he heard that his already friends Justin Hawkins and Dan Hawkins were forming a band. He co-founded The Darkness with them in 2000.
One of the first gigs that The Darkness ever played was at a memorial service commemorating the life of Ed's previous bandmate from Q*Sling, who was called Sam.

Ed Graham Equipment

Ed completed an HND at Salisbury University.
He has the nickname of Badger, because of a patch of white hair on his left eyebrow.

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